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Successful launch and membership drive

Updated: Feb 13

BFFA held it's launch and first membership drive in San Pedro and Placencia on the 19th and 20th of October respectively.

The launch introduced Eworth Garbutt as Vice-President and Acting President, Jorge Rodriguez as Secretary, Dennis Garbutt as Treasurer, Michael Peralta as North Zone Officer and Chris Leeman as Chair-person. While there is an empty seat for the president, the association expects to continue recruitment on other coastal communities in Belize and then elect a president.

Board of Directors: Jorge Rodriguez, Michael Peralta, Eworth Garbutt, Dennis Garbutt and Chris Leeman. (

The membership drive in San Pedro recruited 15 guides and in Placencia 17 guides representing 100% of guides mostly from the communities of Placencia and Punta Gorda. Other Representatives from the larger community also attended and in support of the mission and vision of BFFA. The association will continue continue recruiting members in other coastal communities.

San Pedro launch and membership drive

BFFA's Mission Statement

The Belize Flats Fishery Association (BFFA) Association is a non-profit organization of professional flats fishing guides and stakeholders dedicated to work for a sustainable fishery through wise management practices and healthy habitats, while recognizing the importance of flats fishery to the economy and cultural heritage of Belize.

BFFA's Vision

To unify the voice and action of flats fishing guides and stakeholders for the protection of marine and coastal habitats against threats and strengthen the cultural heritage of flats fishing communities by upholding the highest ethical fishing standards in our work and personal conduct with shared responsibility and accountability of the flats fishery we depend on.

Placencia launch and membership drive.

For more information please visit us at:

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