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Our Purpose

Belize Flats Fishery Association (BFFA) is organized for the advancement of national economy in which it aims to increase fisheries productivity, improve the economic and social status of flats fishing guides and stakeholders and protect marine and coastal assets through sustainable, scientific, and education approaches.



The Belize Flats Fishery Association (BFFA) Association is a non-profit organization of professional flats fishing guides and stakeholders dedicated to work for a sustainable fishery through wise management practices and healthy habitats, while recognizing the importance of flats fishery to the economy and cultural heritage of Belize.


To unify the voice and action of flats fishing guides and stakeholders for the protection of marine and coastal habitats against threats and strengthen the cultural heritage of flats fishing communities by upholding the highest ethical fishing standards in our work and personal conduct with shared responsibility and accountability of the flats fishery we depend on.

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